Corporate Partnerships

We believe that where you live, or what your parents do, should be no barrier to fulfilling your potential. By working with corporate partners who share this belief, we will achieve our mission sooner.

Future Leaders in action

Great leadership is not a given in England’s schools, and disadvantaged areas find it hardest to recruit, nurture and retain the best educators. 

School leadership is a crucial lever for delivering school improvement and raising pupils’ life chances, especially in low-income communities.  

The corporate sector has been trailblazing best practice in talent development and career pathways for high-potential employees for decades. Our ambition is to bring this commitment to nurturing future leaders into the school system.  

If your business can support our ambition, get in touch.   

We are committed to increasing the diversity of school leaders in England. Read more about how business is committing to support us to further this agenda.