Building confidence as a leader

Amrit Mangat is curriculum leader of science at Uxbridge High School in West London. After starting the Teaching Leaders programme in 2012 she discovered her passion for developing staff, taking on the role of in-school liaison for another Teaching Leaders participant at her school and facilitating on Teaching Leaders and the Aspiring Leadership Programme.

Amrit's story

The Teaching Leaders programme really built my confidence as a leader, with my coach and sessions on managing up and creating a shared departmental vision helping me to articulate my ideas to my headteacher.

As curriculum leader I led the department to implement teaching and learning and intervention strategies, including data tracking of every student, reviewing results every half-term and informing parents of targeted revision through phone calls and letters. We put in place repeated controlled assessments for our targeted intervention students, while also providing them with a guide to help improve their literacy and writing skills, which was one of the biggest obstacles in our department. 

These strategies had an almost immediate impact. In my first year as curriculum leader we had record high levels of achievement in science, with 100% of students achieving A*-C in biology and physics and 87% in chemistry. This was a huge increase on the previous year, with GCSE A*-C going up from 28% to 72% in additional science and from 26% to 59% in core science. 

This success was the result of a real team effort. Our department vision brought everyone together; staff even committed time outside school hours and at weekends to support intervention students. This helped us to close attainment gaps, with intervention students making three to four levels of progress in most cases.

Becoming an in-school liaison for other participants on Ambition School Leadership’s programmes has made me more reflective as a leader. I’m more able to spot potential, make the most of talent within my team and empower others to take on more responsibility. 

I have been facilitating on the Teaching Leaders and Aspiring Leadership programmes for two years now. Facilitation was a totally new skill that I had the chance to explore and develop through working alongside an expert facilitator. Being a facilitator gives me the chance to put all of the theory I learnt while on Teaching Leaders into practice, and watching participants go from aspiring to outstanding middle leaders is so fulfilling.

Being part of Ambition School Leadership’s network means I am part of a collaborative community with a shared mission and values. It’s a huge source of support; we are constantly offered development opportunities that ultimately help us to continue making an impact for our students.

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