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Nov. 22, 2016

Baroness Sally Morgan

Chair of Trustees

We are building a network of exceptional school leaders at all levels to transform the lives of the children who need it most.

Ambition School Leadership inherits 18 years of combined experience in leadership development, a far-reaching national network of leaders who are committed to our mission, and partners spanning government, not-for-profit and corporate sectors.

We will close the leadership gap in England by developing effective leaders at all levels for schools in challenging contexts. In this way, Ambition School Leadership can help close the gaps in our education system.

It is an exciting time for the new organisation and for the many people who have worked for and with both predecessor organisations. Together we will continue our work: focusing on the schools that need us most; raising the quality and skills of leaders at all levels; and increasing the number of great leaders working in schools in challenging contexts to change children’s lives.

  • 97% Leadership is Good or Outstanding In 97% of the schools where disadvantaged pupils do as well as other pupils.

A clearly defined career pathway

Ambition School Leadership will provide clear career pathways - which work across different schools, trusts and regions - that enable schools to develop and retain their staff, and ensure they are prepared to take on the challenges of leadership.

We will reach out to the people who show leadership potential but are under-represented in leadership roles: women and black, Asian and minority ethnic teachers and leaders - drawing on an often-untapped group that will close the leadership gap.

World-class training

Ambition School Leadership will provide the highest-quality training for leaders at all levels. We recognise that there are significant differences between the roles of leaders within the education system: middle and senior leaders and headteachers, and the evolving roles of executive headteachers and MAT CEOs. We are specialists in delivering the training in technical skills and leadership competencies needed for each level of leadership.

A network gathering momentum

Bringing together two well-established nationwide networks, Ambition School Leadership will unite over 4,000 school leaders within and across schools, MATs and regions with a common aim of closing the progress gap.

Our peer-to-peer networks and coaching and mentoring opportunities will mean teachers and leaders committed to improving outcomes for pupils will have access to a wealth of expertise and support to draw on and drive their mission forward.

Strategic partnerships

We are committed to working closely with key organisations to support their work to improve schools. We will work strategically with schools and education organisations to meet their development needs and increase our impact by developing more and more leaders.

We will work to strengthen our network by partnering with organisations and businesses, in or outside the sector, which share our commitment to improving school leadership. We will work with our participants, schools and partners to shape and define the new strategic leadership roles in the education system, bringing our expertise and vision to lead the sector at all levels.

Ambition School Leadership is developing a new strategy to be released in Spring 2017. In the meantime it will be our priority to engage with the education sector to help shape our work.


Our four strategic commitments

Develop headteachers

We will exponentially grow the number of our leaders reaching headship and system leadership in the areas where they can make the biggest difference.

Reach priority areas

We will reach Opportunity Areas, and areas 5 and 6 where need is greatest, building local networks of exceptional leaders committed to changing outcomes.

Build the leadership pipeline

We will grow and retain aspiring middle and senior leaders to ensure we have a sustainable supply of leadership talent at all levels.

Deepen strategic partnerships

We will strengthen and build new strategic partnerships to expand our offer to provide a holistic leadership solution for the increasing and diverse leadership needs of trusts and groups of schools.

This was taken from our report, Ambitious for every child - addressing the leadership challenge. Download the full report or read it online.

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