Why we exist

We are working for a fair society built on an education system where every child can thrive, no matter what their background.

3.7 million children live in poverty in the UK today; many young people from disadvantaged communities don’t achieve at school and can’t go on to realise their ambitions.

In the UK, a child born in poverty is unlikely to escape. Out of all developed countries, the link between a parent’s income and the future income of their child is strongest in the UK.

Education should break the link between parental income and opportunity but in England performance at school is strongly related to background. Only one in seven children born into the poorest 25% of families ends up in the richest 25% as adults.

The cycle of disadvantage

By the time a child from a disadvantaged home starts school they are on average already 19 months behind the development of their peers.

This gap grows larger over time. Three in ten disadvantaged pupils will not meet expected standards at the end of primary. This increases to more than six in ten by the end of secondary school.

This helps explain why disadvantaged pupils are only half as likely to go to top universities, find it harder to access selective apprenticeship programmes and are twice as likely to end up unemployed upon finishing school.

Great school leaders can change this

Effective school leadership has a life-changing impact on pupils, but there aren’t enough skilled leaders doing the right things in the schools that face the biggest challenges.  
We are building a network of exceptional leaders at all levels in the schools that need them the most. We provide world-class leadership development and technical training to educators across England and Wales – from teachers aspiring to lead their department to CEOs steering multiple schools, and all the crucial leadership roles in between.

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