Our partners

We are committed to working closely with other organisations to support their leadership development and improve schools and pupil outcomes.

We work with schools and groups of schools in strategic partnerships for leadership training at all levels, leadership talent management, retention and succession-planning at a local and national level. By working hand-in-hand with schools and groups of schools we will help meet current and emerging development needs for leaders at all levels.


We work closely with schools to meet their staff development needs. Our middle and senior leadership programmes can be tailored depending on a team’s experience and areas for improvement to ensure measurable impact and support whole-school improvement in line with the school’s priorities.

We will help schools to identify high-potential middle and senior leaders for our flagship programmes, to support retention and development of key leaders in the school and to provide a sustainable pipeline of high-quality leaders.

All of our programmes will be targeted in the areas of greatest need, working with schools in challenging contexts to improve outcomes for students.

Multi-academy trusts and federations

We work with executive headteachers and CEOs to support their own leadership development and the development of the many leaders in the schools they are responsible for.

We advise trusts on how to use our programmes to complement existing provision, provide effective career pathways for their staff and create an essential pipeline of leaders in their system.

By commissioning Ambition School Leadership programmes across a trust, CEOs can strengthen continuing professional development for all staff, manage succession planning for key roles and future expansion, and retain top talent to help deliver and sustain impact across their trust.

Teaching schools

We work with like-minded teaching schools to support and enhance their provision and to develop strong two-way partnerships.

As a National Professional Qualification licence holder, we help teaching schools and other partners run high-quality accredited programmes focused on improving outcomes for disadvantaged pupils.

We are committed to sharing best practice across the system so that all schools can improve, including those who do not have easy access to teaching schools or national leaders of education. By working in partnership we can create local delivery hubs, building a network of great leaders.

Local authorities

We work with local authorities in order to develop strategic partnerships for leadership retention and pupil impact in a geographical area.

We know that local authorities hold vital local knowledge. Harnessing this, we work with local authorities to create bespoke packages that address the strengths and gaps in an area.

We aim to build local networks of outstanding leaders – encouraging cross-regional working and sharing of best practice.

For more information about our partners, please contact us.